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Iggy Azalea - Fancy - (Yellow Claw Remix) by Iggy Azalea Official


Mapei’s glorious ‘Don’t Wait' set the blogosphere alight with its light percussive goodness and the songstress' impeccable and honeyed vocals all the way back in October. The track's accompanying visual (up top), also possesses a certain light-headedness; it's perfect to get you in the mood for summer. Oh, and while you're at it, listen to the remix featuring Chance the Rapper, who seems to be jumping on remixes left, right and centre, here.

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At the height of its power, the photography company Kodak employed more than 140,000 people and was worth $28 billion. They even invented the first digital camera. But today Kodak is bankrupt, and the new face of digital photography has become Instagram. When Instagram was sold to Facebook for a billion dollars in 2012, it employed only 13 people. Where did all those jobs disappear? And what happened to the wealth that all those middle-class jobs created?

Just as we only measure success by results, we only measure years by summers.

—Joshua Kissi (via streetetiquette)


"Hero" by Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo.

Converse Three Artists. One Song

Additional vocals from the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.